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Andy Robertshaw is one of the UK’s most innovative military historians. Military historian for Time Team Experimental Archaeology and Who Do You Think You Are?, Andrew was also the lead historical consultant on Steven Spielberg’s WWI film War Horse.

What was life really like in the trenches?

Join us for a tour of a WWI trench and gain tips on taking your WWI research further.

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  • Video guides

    Discover how your WWI ancestors lived and fought in the trenches with two exclusive video guides presented by military expert and historian Andrew Robertson.

  • Research advice

    Quick video hints provide vital information to help you take your research further and discover much more about the WWI soldiers in your family tree.

  • Trench life revealed

    Using a WWI re-enactor in authentic uniform, we turn the clock back to reveal the day-to-day life of a 'tommy' including the significance of uniform insignia.

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As reward for completing the video guide you'll gain access to a free download (in PDF format) detailing your Tommy's key kit in 1916.

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